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Get a Boost From Vets Groups

Propel your job search with help from these professional organizations

There is no shortage of resources that can help you find work. In fact, sometimes it seems like there are too many options. Which website should you be perusing? Which professional organization should you join? Here’s some intel on who does what for whom.

Hire Heroes USA Workshops

This organization’s goal is to “transform military service into civilian success.” It does that in a number of ways, including offering workshops that help service members market themselves and connect with potential employers. One thing that sets Hire Heroes USA apart is its practice of hooking up Veteran job seekers with one-on-one counseling throughout their job search. Part of its success stems from a leadership team with a high percentage of Veteran experience, including former UFC fighter and Marine officer Brian Stann.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Resume Engine

The Personal Branding Resume Engine, part of the Hiring Our Heroes program, does one thing exceptionally well: It helps you easily create a customizable civilian version of your military resume. You input your Guard experience plus any civilian qualifications you have, and it creates a free, personalized resume that translates your military credentials into language civilian hiring managers will understand. Your resume is also searchable by companies looking for people with your exact qualifications. And you’ll find expert tips specifically for job-searching Veterans, like how to talk about your service in an interview and how to handle difficult military-specific questions.

The American Legion’s Veteran Employment Center

You might know The American Legion as the place old Vietnam Vets gather to drink beer and share war stories, but it’s so much more. Based on the concept of “mutual helpfulness,” the organization has decades of experience building programs that help people like you find jobs. Its online Veteran Employment Center is a one-stop shop for resources and tools to help you land the job you’re looking for. The Legion also partners with programs like Hiring Our Heroes to put on job fairs across the country, and wields its influence in Washington and with corporations nationwide to champion employment opportunities for Vets.

G.I. Jobs

This website (and monthly print magazine) is all about jobs. It features articles, blog posts and news on all aspects of your job search, including resume tips, interview techniques and career advice. G.I. Jobs specializes in intel for Vets who are looking for more than entry-level jobs. From its annual list of military-friendly franchises to information on starting your own business, G.I. Jobs can help you whether you’re looking to get a leg up or shoot straight to the top.

State Employment Assistance Program

Every state has an office whose purpose is to help Guard Soldiers find work. Each might have a different array of programs (Hero 2 Hired, for example, is a national program run out of Guard employment offices), but they all have the same focus. The benefit of working through your local office is that its staff maintains relationships with employers who are actively looking to hire Soldiers in your area.

All federal jobs are posted here. Search by keyword and location to find everything from entry-level to upper-management positions in industries such as nursing, management and human resources, along with full time AGR jobs. The best news—Veterans get preferential hiring for all federal jobs. And if you’re working for the federal government, you’re working toward a full-time retirement no matter what field you’re in.