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Boeing’s Phantom Badger

The new Phantom Badger, made by Boeing’s Phantom Works, represents the future of combat support vehicles. It’s designed to give both conventional and unconventional troops more tactical mobility on the ground. Able to fit inside the belly of a V-22 Osprey or CH-47 Chinook, the Phantom Badger offers extreme off-road mobility, air transportability and adaptability.

Name: Phantom Badger
Maximum Speed: Approximately 80 mph (paved surface)
Mobility: 35-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain mud tires
Range: Approximately 450 miles
Turning Radius: 25 feet
Fording: Able to cross water nearly 3 feet deep
Modularity: Features customizable rear sections that can be swapped out within minutes and can support a wide range of critical mission profiles such as reconnaissance, explosive ordnance disposal, mounted weaponry, combat search and rescue, and even casualty transport for several critically injured war fighters.
Common Parts: Many key items such as tires, hydraulic pumps, bolts and winches are already in the motor pool supply system for easy and affordable maintenance.

– Information courtesy of Boeing