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M973A1 Small Unit Support Vehicle

Designed to traverse snow and ford tropical rivers, the SUSV overrides the harshest elements

The M973A1 Small Unit Support Vehicle (SUSV) is a tracked, all-terrain, amphibious cargo vehicle that can navigate through extreme conditions—from drifting sand to marshland to heavy snowfall—moving Soldiers and supplies where they are needed most. Powered by a turbocharged engine, the SUSV has two track-driven cars. The four tracks distribute less weight across surfaces than wheeled counterparts. The SUSV is also modular, which allows Soldiers to detach and attach different rear units within minutes for various missions. Steep slope? No problem. The M973A1 can climb 30-degree gradients in deep snow and 45-degree gradients on solid roads. The vehicle can even be dropped by aircraft in areas where it is needed. The SUSV was purchased by the Army in 1983 and used in Bosnia in 2001. On the homefront, the Guard taps the vehicle for blizzard response in places like Colorado. 

Key Features

Crew: 1 driver (+ 5 personnel)

Length: 22.64 feet

Width: 6.14 feet

Maximum speed: 32 mph

Water speed: 2.49 mph

Front/rear car height: 7.55/8.04 feet

Front/rear car weight: 6,040.67/3,880.14 pounds

Engine: Mercedes-Benz 6-cylinder turbocharged engine

Horsepower: 136

Transmission: Mercedes-Benz 4 speed with reverse transmission 

Range: 205 miles

Front/rear car payload: 1388.91/3549.22 pounds