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MQ-1C Gray Eagle

From reconnaissance to attack, this high-tech, low-risk UAS takes "eye in the sky" to a whole new level

The MQ-1C Gray Eagle is a multipurpose unmanned aerial system (UAS) that arms the Guard’s battlefield commanders with tactical strike capability and a constant view of combat operations. An improved variant of the combat-proven Predator, Gray Eagle is faster, more powerful, more fuel-efficient and rapidly deployable to war zones. It’s one of the aircraft operated by the 40th Combat Aviation Brigade, which in December took charge of Army Central Command’s aviation missions in the Middle East.  

An operator controls Gray Eagle through the Army’s One System Ground Control Station (OSGCS), which is mounted on a standard 5-ton medium tactical vehicle that houses flight hardware. Its automatic takeoff and landing feature allows deployment with no operator present. Fielded in 2009 and utilized in Iraq and Afghanistan, the aircraft is used for reconnaissance, surveillance, command and control of forces, signals intelligence and communications relay, electronic warfare, IED detection and destruction, battle damage assessment, and attack. 

Key Features

Length: 28 feet 

Height: 6.9 feet

Wingspan: 56 feet 

Maximum weight: 3,600 lbs.

Maximum altitude: 29,000 feet

Maximum speed: 192 mph

Maximum endurance: 25 hours

Range: 249 miles

Payloads: Electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) with laser designation, synthetic aperture radar (SAR), communications relay and Hellfire missiles  

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