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Oshkosh S-ATV

The new Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV), made by Oshkosh Defense, represents a new breed of combat vehicle. Designed to support special operations units in reconnaissance missions and unconventional warfare, the S-ATV is capable of providing the performance needed for special reconnaissance, counterinsurgency operations, long-range surveillance, site seizure and direct combat. This rapidly reconfigurable and extremely capable platform offers off-road mobility, air transportability and adaptability.

Name: Special Purpose All-Terrain Vehicle (S-ATV)
Manufacturer: Oshkosh Defense
Weight: 5,952-9,920 lbs. depending on configuration
Maximum Speed: 74 mph
Range: 310 miles on one tank
Engine: Turbocharged diesel with 300 horsepower
Other: A cold weather kit allows operation in temperatures as low as minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit; can accommodate two to seven Soldiers; features a seat-mounted gun station in the rear capable of mounting an M240B or M249 SAW; contains swivel stations with an M240B or M249 SAW available on the side windows for vehicle commander and driver; has large cargo box on rear side that can be used for fuel, water and ammunition.

Information courtesy of Oshkosh Defense