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S-97 RAIDER to Enhance Army's Flight Capabilities

Sikorsky's game-changing helicopter prototype improves agility at high and low speeds

As Sikorsky Aircraft reaches the assembly midpoint of its self-funded S-97 RAIDER helicopter prototype, the Army National Guard could anticipate a game-changing evolution in its future aviation capabilities. The RAIDER helicopter’s coaxial counter-rotating rigid rotor blades combined with a pusher propeller will offer dramatic improvement in performance (speed, altitude, range and maneuverability) compared to traditional armed reconnaissance helicopters. Never-before-seen precision agility at both high and low speeds is expected to significantly change how the Guard could fly and fight. Sikorsky is readying its RAIDER prototype for flight demonstrations in 2015.


High-performance flight while retaining helicopter maneuverability

Rigid coaxial rotor system with composite blades

Fly-by-wire flight controls reduce pilot workload

Active vibration control

All-composite airframe

50% better turn radius than conventional helicopters

Rudders and elevators that enhance maneuverability

Time-triggered Ethernet electronic architecture

Integrated engine exhaust that reduces IR signature

Cabin space for mission flexibility: space for six troop seats, internal auxiliary fuel and additional ammunition


Length: 36 feet 

Gross weight: 11,400 lbs.

Hover altitude: 10,000 feet at 95 F in armed configuration

Standard fuel endurance: More than 2.7 hrs.

Range: More than 600 km

Cruise speed: 220 knots 


Hellfire missiles

2.75" rockets

.50 cal gun

7.62 mm gun


Illustration and information provided by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation