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A Smart Mortar

ATK’s XM395 Precision Mortar improves tactical and training missions in Afghanistan

Launching mortars into enemy territory will always be an exercise in math, physics and ballistics, especially where commanders are reluctant to employ conventional fire support that could cause collateral damage. Bridging the gap is a technologically advanced precision guided mortar from Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK), which places most of the calculating and steering capabilities into the mortar round itself. ATK’s XM395 (120 mm) precision guided mortar minimizes collateral damage, responds to smaller targets in complex terrain, and reduces the logistics burden on Soldiers. The XM395 has been used in tactical and training situations in Afghanistan.

Click on the image above to learn about specific areas of the mortar.


• All-weather mortar round works in mountainous terrain inaccessible to artillery, in urban areas, on reverse slopes and in other complex environments
• Provides greater accuracy within 10 m, reducing the number of rounds required to successfully defeat targets 
• Maximum range: up to 7.0 km 


Photo and information provided by Alliant Techsystems Inc. (ATK)