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A Mini Guided Missile

The Raytheon Pike offers staggering power in the palm of your hand

As miniaturized guided weapons become a greater part of ground warfare, the new Pike munition, designed by the Raytheon Company, will give U.S. Special Forces and infantry units laser-guided precision firepower in the form of a lightweight hand-launched missile. 

The Pike is designed to be fired from grenade launchers, such as the M320 and Mk13 Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module; all-terrain vehicle mounts; or remotely from unmanned aerial vehicles. The missile can be fired and guided by a single warfighter, or a spotter can assist the shooter by directing the round using a laser designator to guide it to its target. Spotters can be another warfighter or even an unmanned aircraft system (UAS).

The Pike’s high-tech system allows the operator to engage targets, such as enemy ground forces, from more than a mile away. Weighing less than two pounds, the round also enhances mobility on the battlefield, giving warfighters the ability to carry multiple rounds on missions that require them to be away from ammo stockpiles. 


• Nearly smokeless rocket motor reduces visibility 

• Guided precision and target accuracy reduces civilian casualties 

• Provides organic, long-range firepower to a squad-sized unit


Research by and photo from Raytheon Missile Systems